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Meet the Birds

  • Sisters Stephanie Eitel Farrar & Jennifer Eitel Young

    The Real American Eitels!


    From Jennifer's 4th grade awardwinning performance at her regional Little Theater as Annie, to Stephanie's trek across the United States with her previous band Agent Sparks, these sisters began their musical careers singing "Grease" tracks on the opposite ends of the same jump rope. Jennifer, the blonde, traditional East coast thinker and Stephanie, the brunette West Coast free-spirit, began their separate journeys from home base in Chattanooga, Tennessee. They could never imagine, individually or as a team, where their musical passions would one day lead them.

    Stephanie moved west from Tennessee to Texas, where she graduated from SMU with a double major in Film and Creative Writing. She fulfilled her dream of relocating to Los Angeles shortly after finishing her degrees. After appearing in several short films and television spots like "MTV Undressed," she eventually made her way back into the music field becoming a sought after studio singer. Ultimately, music led her into the arms of her new husband, Sam Farrar, bassist of renowned "California" band Phantom Planet. Not only is he the son of John Farrar, Grammy winning songwriter ("Hopelessly Devoted to You" and "You're the One that I Want"), but also the son of Pat Carroll Farrar, Olivia Newton John's debut partner in song and dance.

    Jennifer and Stephanie never thought their childhood heroine would have become like family, but as luck and time would have it, one day a mere eight years ago, that dream was fulfilled. And that was just the beginning.

    From the opposite coast, after performing in five of the seven continents with Children's International Summer Villages and Buckner Orphan Care International, Jennifer was awarded a music scholarship to Baylor University where she studied vocal performance and English. Following graduation, Jennifer's keen awareness of the business world led her to directing a leadership team of high potential candidates for prominent Fortune 500 companies.

    After succeeding in the business community, Jennifer's true calling to music reemerged, leading her to performances for a wide range of artists and dignitaries including Kenny Loggins, John Denver, President George Bush 41 and the Pointer Sisters. She is a member of ASCAP and the Academy of Gospel Music Association. She has produced one record, The Word Through Music and several recordings for corporations. Jennifer currently resides in Austin, Texas with her family of two children and husband Jason, a marketing guru for the Simmons Bedding Company.

    In the eleven years Stephanie has lived in L.A., she has been involved in numerous musical projects. First, Maroon 5's backup singer, then performing on Weezer's "Beverly Hills" on the record and on David Letterman, Hard Rock Live and Jimmy Kimmel Live. Then on to writing TV theme songs, performing on numerous albums as a vocalist, and touring the nation as keyboardist and singer in Immortal Records' band Agent Sparks. Agent Sparks debut EP, "Not So Merry" and full-length record, "Red Rover" were produced and recorded by Incubus guitarist Mike Einziger. Since leaving the band in 2007, she has appeared on such records as The Silent Years, "Spider Season," and Gomez's "Whatever's on Your Mind," and has most recently released Bubble and Strife, "My Lifetime for Blondes" with her husband, Sam.

    Needless to say, these sisters not only have the musical "chops," but they also have the resumes to back up their diverse roles in this crowded industry. Their unique and mutual vision for the future of this industry is grounded in embracing and uniting talent that already exists with an ongoing and profitable trend toward family values and ideals.